Iodide-induced parotitis after coronary angiography


A 55-year-old woman with stable angina pectoris who had undergone elective coronary catheterization five years ago, no coronary artery disease had been reported at that time. Recent noninvasive stress testing was performed and the result was positive. Coronary angiography was repeated by using iodinated contrast medium. At catheterization, no angiographically significant coronary stenoses was found. About 36 hours after coronary angiography she presented to the emergency department for swelling of face and throat bilaterally. Her parotid glands were diffusely and symmetrically enlarged to twice the normal size and glands were firm and non-tender. This case had taken iodinated contrast medium before and she had the same symptoms. So she might be an example of recurrent parotitis caused by repeated iodide exposure. (Hong Kong 2011;18:421-423)


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