[Identification of Regulatory Sequence of lip Genes of Phanerochaete chrysosporium under Lignin-degradation.].


Eleven subcloned DNA fragments from the 5'- upstream region of lipA, lipC and lipF of Phanerochaete chrysosporium were assayed by using the gel mobility shift assay(GMSA). The total proteins extracted from P.chrysosporium mycelia grown in Kirk medium and natural fir wood chip were used to identify the segments in these 11 DNA fragments which are controlled by some regulatory proteins. The results showed that two DNA segments LG2P3(396bp) and LG6S1-2 (738bp) in the 5'-noncoding regions of lipC and lipF were able to specifically bind total mycelial proteins of P. chrysosporium incubated in Kirk medium, separately. One DNA segment LG6S2 (226bp) from the 5'-noncoding region of lipF was found to specifically bind total mycelial proteins of this fungus on natural fir wood chip. Analysis of the sequences showed that there were many cis-regulatory elements in these DNA segments, implying that these sequences may be bound by some transcriptional regulation protein factors.


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